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A Lady Proprietory unit

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In the year 2015 Government of India made it mandatory activity under BIS License and the unit applied and granted BIS License for manufacturing of TRANSFORMERS. It was proudly to feel that the unit was 3rd in city, 4th in state and 72 at India level on number to get BIS License. Till date still functioning as Lady Proprietor unit, the only single Lady Proprietary unit in India manufacturing power utility TRANSFORMERS in hard core industry sector. The unit is capable to manufacturer TRANSFORMERS of 5 star rating.

Our Mission

Standard Fittings in ONAN Cooling Transformer Units

(1)    High and low Voltage  bushing

(2)    Off-Circuit tap changer in 5 positions

(3)    Earthing Terminals

(4)    Lifting Lugs

(5)    Thermometer Pocket

(6)    Presser Relief Device

(7)    Filing Lugs

(8)    Drain valve

(9)    Skid Base

(10)   Rating Plate 

Optional Accessories

(1)    Dual Voltage transformer

(2)    Plug-in bushings on HV

(3)    Surge arrestor, CSP-type version

(4)    Galvanize tank

(5)    Dial type thermometer with two contacts

(6)    Max. Thermometer

(7)    Arching Horns, Brid guard  

(8)    Oil Level indicator

(9)    Bi-directional Roller

(10)   Integrated Pole brackets on tank

(11)    Cable Boxes

(12)   Skid Base

A Lady Proprietory unit

About us

We are Leading Manufacture & Supplier of Distribution Transformers up to capacity 2500 KVA on System Voltages as per the demand of customers. Our entity is considered amongst one of the Authentic & Credible manufacturer in the field of power engineering. Our product is known for reliable and steady power utility services.

Class of Transformers

  • CRGO Silicon Steel /Amorphous Metal

Capacity of Transformers

Ratings: 25 KVA to 2500 KVA  

Operating Voltages : 11kv & 33kv

Our Clients

  • State Distribution Companies 
  • Bharat electrical contractors & manufacturers Pvt. Ltd
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Private Sectors

Why Choose Us


Our Mission: To be a world-class manufacturer of Distribution and Power transformers and to be a vendor of choice to the top players in the domestic power sector in India.


Over 30 years in Power Industry, 20 years in Transformer Business

ISI Certified, BEE Star Logo Accredited ISO 9001:2015 Certified
A Lady Entrepreneur Unit in
Power Industry with multiple experience in Power Utilities

We are Certified with

IS :1180(PART-1)2014


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